A landscape of excellence. Three figures of French architecture.

May 22 to September 16, 2019

Cité de l'architecture & du patrimoine

Higher Gallery of Temporary Exhibitions

An exhibition about three majors figures of contemporary French architecture : Frédéric Borel, Marc Barani, and the duo Jean Marc Ibos & Myrto Vitart, each laureate of the "Grand Prix national d'architecture."

Three figures, each with their own body of work. Three signatures that have marked French contemporary history since the 1990s. Three figures committed to researching an attitude that breaks down generic standardisation to replace it with specially tailored solutions.

Three very distinct figures, to be sure : Frédéric Borel is revealed through the housing projects that enliven complex patches in the Parisian fabric; Marc Barani, who earned his spurs on the shores of the Mediterranean, in the wake of Le Corbusier; Ibos & Vitart, distinguished by their subtle dialogue with national heritage during the extension of the Beaux-Arts de Lille museum.

Three figures whom's work is decrypted by three critics Richard Scoffier for Frédéric Borel, Colin Lemoine for Marc Barani and Dominique Boudet for Jean Marc Ibos & Myrto Vitart.


Higher gallery of temporary exhibitions
1 place du Trocadéro et du 11 Novembre
Paris 16th
Métro Iéna or Trocadéro

Open daily except Tuesdays
11 am to 7 pm
Thursday evenings until 9 pm

Tickets: 5€
Reduced rate: 3€
Tickets paired with Architect's furniture, 1960-2020 : 12€ / 9€ (reduced rate)

  • Curating

    Francis Rambert, director of the création architecturale, Cité de l'architecture & du patrimoine

    For Frédéric Borel :
    Richard Scoffier, architect, philosopher; professor at Écoles Nationales Supérieures d'Architecture

    For Marc Barani :
    Colin Lemoine, historian of arts, art critic and writer

    For Jean Marc Ibos & Myrto Vitart :
    Dominique Boudet, editor and architecture critic

  • Supports

    The exhibition is supported by Sammode, Edeis, peintures Tollens and the Club entreprises de la Cité.