Corporate support

La Cité was conceived as a place of exchanges and conversations with professionals.
Over the years, a network has been forged of private companies interested in supporting our activities and ambitions: exhibit, preserve, transmit.

As a reference institution in architecture, urbanism and landscaping. La Cité works to foster public interest in these fields and delves into them with the help of specialists and professionals

At the intersection of questions related to contemporary architectural creation, urban renewal, the valorisation of the built heritage, technological innovation and social responsibility, La Cité addresses the major issues of our societies: urban planning, architectural quality, housing and nature in the city, social diversity and more. These are all subjects that concern not only elected representatives, developers, and entrepreneurs but each and every one of us.

La Cité relies on the support of its many partners to accomplish its missions. By its proximity with the corporate world and its remarkable diversity of spaces in the heart of Paris, La Cité has managed to develop long-lasting fruitful exchanges with its partners

Partners choose a suitable level of support:

  • Long-term financial support (institutional partner)
  • Occasional financial support for an exhibition or a programme
  • Support in kind or in expertise

Institutional partners

Corporations that choose to support La Cité in accomplishing all of its missions become institutional partners.

They can also choose to focus support on one of the main thrusts of La Cité programming and activities:

  • Architectural creation (conferences, discussions, exhibitions, competitions)
  • Sustainable cities (awards, conferences, exhibitions)
  • Metropolises & countryside (conferences, exhibitions)
  • Valorisation of architectural heritage (acquisitions, restorations of collections, mediation and multimedia projects, programme for people who have little access to culture)
  • Transmission of architectural culture (programmes for architecture students, accessibility for all of La Cité’s digital resources)

Occasional financial support for an exhibition or a programme

The diversity of programming offered all year long makes it possible to meet a corporation’s unique needs.

Depending on the amount of the support, programme sponsors will appear on all or part of the publicity around the supported event. They also benefit for a year from the possibility of hosting private events (dinners, cocktails, conferences, meetings, etc) at La Cité and complimentary tickets or subscriptions for their customers or staff.



Muriel Sassen
Director of Communications, Development and Patronage

Caroline Cusinberche
Sponsorship Officer

Kevin Le Vourch
Sponsorship Officer

  • Documents utiles

  • Le cadre juridique

    Dans le cadre du mécénat, l’entreprise bénéficie d’avantages encadrés par la loi de 2003 :

    Réduction d’impôt de 60 % du montant du don effectué en numéraire, en compétence ou en nature (dans la limite de 0,5 % du chiffre d’affaires HT), avec la possibilité de reporter l’excédent au titre des cinq exercices suivants en cas de dépassement.

    Contreparties accordées par le bénéficiaire du don, dans un rapport de disproportion marquée : la Cité accorde 20% de contreparties à ses mécènes. La Cité s’attache à mettre en place une relation unique avec chacun de ses partenaires.