Corporate support

La Cité was conceived as a place of exchanges and conversations with professionals.
Over the years, a network has been forged of private companies interested in supporting our activities and ambitions: exhibit, preserve, transmit.



Daphné Blouet
Director of Communications, Development and Sponsorship

Paloma Cedille
Head of sponsorship

Aymeric Chappell
Sponsorship Manager
01 58 51 50 00

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  • Legal framework

    Under the 2003 law on corporate sponsorship, companies benefit from a number of advantages:

    A tax reduction of 60% of the amount of the donation made in cash, skills or kind (up to a limit of 0.5% of sales excluding VAT), with the possibility of carrying forward the excess for the next five financial years if it is exceeded.

    Benefits granted by the beneficiary of the donation, in a ratio of marked disproportion: the Cité grants 20% counterparts to its patrons. The Cité strives to establish a unique relationship with each of its partners.