Enjoy your benefits

La Cité provides its partners with an array of communication opportunities that afford high impact brand visibility and also offers them many benefits: “privilege” visits, use of spaces for private receptions, and collaborative projects.

Private events

With its 23,000 m2 of space devoted to architecture in all its forms and its prime location opposite the Eiffel Tower, La Cité is an outstanding venue for its partners to organise private events in one of its many spaces: the museum’s galleries for gala evenings, an auditorium with state-of-the-art equipment for professional meetings, and meeting or reception spaces with exceptional panoramic views of the city and the Eiffel tower.

“Privilege” visits

La Cité offers companies a valuable opportunity to publicise and make the most of their support with a package of benefits that they can make available to their staff, clients, customers, and partners: privileged access to programming, complimentary tickets, guided tours, annual VIP PASSES, private tours led by exhibition curators, access to workshops for young visitors.


La Cité’s tailored media campaigns for sponsored programmes ensure optimal audiences through public relations, posters and advertising in specialized and mainstream press and media, thereby providing the broadest possible visibility to our partners.

Year-round privileges

Privileged relations with our sponsors are maintained all year long with a programme of special events: exhibition previews, private parties, meetings with exhibition curators, etc.

The variety of programmes at La Cité allows each company to choose a project that resonates most directly with its core activities, commitments and values.



Muriel Sassen
Director of Communications, Development and Patronage

Caroline Cusinberche
Sponsorship Officer

Kevin Le Vourch
Sponsorship Officer

  • Le cadre juridique

    Dans le cadre du mécénat, l’entreprise bénéficie d’avantages encadrés par la loi de 2003 :

    • Réduction d’impôt de 60 % du montant du don effectué en numéraire, en compétence ou en nature (dans la limite de 0,5 % du chiffre d’affaires HT), avec la possibilité de reporter l’excédent au titre des cinq exercices suivants en cas de dépassement.
    • Contreparties accordées par le bénéficiaire du don, dans un rapport de disproportion marquée : la Cité accorde 20% de contreparties à ses mécènes. La Cité s’attache à mettre en place une relation unique avec chacun de ses partenaires.